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            2021     i am become death for Electric Bass


                        Eternity podcast underscoring



            2020     Coming Home to Roost for Electric Bass Quartet


                        Approaching Supernova for Organ  

            2019     Seventh House for Guitar

                                    Premiere: University of Kansas Nov. 2019


            2013     Meadowlands arrangement for 19-tone equal temperament Trio: Guitar, Bass, Steelimba  

                                    Premiere: SUNY Fredonia March 2013.


                        The Metamorphosis of Narcissus for Clarinet, Bass Clainet, Alto Sax, and Bari Sax

                                    Premiere: SUNY Fredonia March 2013.


                        Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven for Sax Quartet, String Quartet, 19-tone equal                    

temperament Quartet: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Steelimba

                                  Premiere: SUNY Fredonia April 2013.


            2012     Yggdrasil for Brass Trio and String Quintet


                        A*U*T*O*M*A*T*I*C for Unaccompanied Violin


                        To Jennie for Unaccompanied Choir (SATB)

                                    Reading: SUNY Fredonia Chamber Choir, April 2012.


                        Yggdrasill for Chamber String Orchestra and Percussion


                        Viagara Poetry Song Cycle for Baritone, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone  

                                    Reading: loadbang, SUNY Fredonia, Oct. 2012.


                        Sacrè for Detuned Harp

                                    Premiere: SUNY Fredonia, Oct. 2012.


                        String Quartet No. 1

                                    Reading: 3rd Mvt: Mivos String Quartet, SUNY Fredonia, Sept. 2012.


            2011     Full Circle for Saxophone Quartet, Brass Quintet, Percussion Trio, and Electric Guitar           

                                    Premiere: SUNY Fredonia, Oct. 2011    


                        Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth for Bass Clarinet, Bass Trombone, and Percussion       

                                    Premiere: In collaboration with choreographer Jennifer A. Sharlette, SUNY Fredonia,                                            Dec. 2011.


            2010     Spires for Guitar in Just Intonation Tuning

                                    Premiere: New Music Hartford, Hartford Public Library, Hartford CT, Sept. 2010.


                        Human Hearts Film Score for Wind Ensemble

Premiere: Hartt Concert Band, Mandell Jewish Community Center of Greater Hartford, West Hartford, CT, Feb. 2010.


                        Julius Caesar Incidental Music

                                    Premiere: Director Robert H. Davis, Handel Performing Arts Center, Hartford CT, April                                          2010.


                        Emerge for Baritone Saxophone and Laptop

                                    Premiere: Hartt Contemporary Players, Hartt School of Music, April 2010.



                        The Pleiades for Orchestra

                                    Reading: Hartt Orchestra, Directed by Edward Cummings, Oct. 2010.


                        Interactions for Variable Ensemble


            2009     Mirage for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra

                                    Premiere: Hartt Contemporary Players, Hartt School of Music, April 2009.


                        Dies Irae for Tuba and Electronics

                                    Premiere: Trinity College, Hartford, CT, April 2010.


                        Three Sonnets for Piano and Narrator

                                    Premiere: Hartt School of Music, May 2009.


                        Dialogues for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone and Piano

                                    Premiere (US): Namaste Ensemble, Capitol Community College, Hartford, CT, March                                                        2010.

                                    Premiere (International): Namaste Ensemble, Contemporary Music Festival,                                                                        Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, Moscow, Russia, Oct. 2010.


                        Static-Sphere for Variable Ensemble

                                    Premiere: Hartt Composer's Ensemble, Hartt School of Music, Dec. 2009.


                        Process Movement for Solo/Multiple Percussion

                                    Premiere: Hartt Composer's Ensemble, Hartt School of Music, Dec. 2010.


                        Ordered Entropy for Piano


                        Coalescence for Brass Quintet

                                    Premiere: SUNY Fredonia, February 2013.


                        Song Without Words for Voice and Piano

                                    Premiere: Hartt School of Music, Dec. 2009.


            2008     Fantasia in Three Parts for Solo Tuba & Piano


                        Rondo for Piano


                        Prelude and Fugue for Tuba Ensemble

                                    Premiere: Ohio University Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble, ITEA Conference,

                                    Cincinnati OH, July 2008.


                        Two Sketches for Tuba Ensemble


                        Musica Universalis Suite: Pleiades for Laptop Performer

                                    Premiere: Ohio University, May 2008

                        Chaconne for Winds, Strings, and Percussion

                                    Reading: Alarm Will Sound, May 2008.


                        Two Short Pieces for Piano


                        Kaleidoscope for Five Baritone Saxophones

                                    Premiere: Hartt School of Music, Dec. 2010.


                        Slivers for Violin, Cello, and Piano

                                    Premiere: Performance 20/20 Ensemble, Hartt School of Music, Dec. 2008.


            2007     Sextet for Tuba Ensemble


                        Ethereal Dream for 5 Percussionists and Conductor


                        Sonata for Euphonium/Trombone & Piano

                                    Premiere: Ohio University, Dec. 2007.


                        Night Song for String Orchestra


                        Neshotah for Solo Guitar

                                    Premiere: Hartt School of Music, November.


                        The Bells for 47 Bell Carillon


            2006     Suite for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet

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